A short list of things that are broken in current Krita from CVS

Boudewijn Rempt boud at valdyas.org
Sat Jul 31 09:47:21 CEST 2004

On Saturday 31 July 2004 09:43, Michael Thaler wrote:
> Hello,
> I compiled Krita from CVS today 

Ha, you succeeded! Great!

> and I am really impressed how Krita 
> matures. I tested it and made a list of things that currently do not work:


Well, most of these things are known. We've had some regressions due to recent 
refactorings :-(. Try opening a new window...

Bart Coppens is working on the fill tool (I hope -- he has screenshots of 
areas filled with patterns on his home page. That the fill tool doesn't work 
seems related to the colour picker not working: Cyrille has worked really 
hard on making Krita more flexible with colour models and one of the 
artefacts is that the code to read a pixel value is a bit broken at the 
moment. Once we've found a definitive way to access image data, that'll be 
> I think you guys are really doing an excellent job. It is really impressive
> how Krita evolved in the last couple of months. Thank you very much for all
> your work!

If you've got access to a cheap Wacom pad like the Graphire (or even an 
expensive one, drool), you'll be able to appreciate Krita's most impressive 
feature: the way lines are drawn is now really, really good. Adrian keeps 
improving on it, but it's already suitable to do simple exercises from 
Guptill's Rendering in Pen and Ink with.

I'm right now making the config dialog support choosing either tool cursors or 
crosshairs, since the tool cursor is annoying me when sketching a stoneware 
jug :-).

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