A short list of things that are broken in current Krita from CVS

Michael Thaler michael.thaler at ph.tum.de
Sat Jul 31 09:43:06 CEST 2004


I compiled Krita from CVS today and I am really impressed how Krita matures. I 
tested it and made a list of things that currently do not work:

- the color picker is broken
- the multiline tool does not work at all
- the polygon tool does not work at all
- The fill tool does not work (for example, make a rectangle and try to fill 
it, it fills the whole screen)
- creating a new document with File->New... crashes Krita
- painting while the picture is zoomed out causes artefacts on the screen 
(they are gone if one sets the zoom back to 100%) and also the painted lines 
look very shaky
- Image->Adjust Brightness|Contrast crashes Krita when it is called immediatly 
after Krita is started with an existing image. It works, however, when I 
paint something first or if you start with an empty document. Same goes for 
the other Image dialogs.
- All filters except of Filters->Inverst... crash Krita. Filters->Inverst 
seems to work fine.
- Selections don't work. If I sekect a rectangular area I cannot paint in the 
selected area, only sometimes at some places in the selected area. I can also 
not paint outside of the selected area. If you zoom out, you can see white 
lines whereever you paint (inside and outside of the selected area) which go 
away if you go back to 100% zoom. 
- The ellipse selection tool does not seem to work at all. You can select an 
area but you can still paint everywhere on the screen.
- In Settings->Configure Krita is you can enter some value or adjust it with a 
slider, but it does not say at all, what it is.

I think you guys are really doing an excellent job. It is really impressive 
how Krita evolved in the last couple of months. Thank you very much for all 
your work!


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