A short list of things that are broken in current Krita from CVS

Bart Coppens kde at bartcoppens.be
Sat Jul 31 14:54:14 CEST 2004

Quoting Boudewijn Rempt <boud at valdyas.org>: 
> Bart Coppens is working on the fill tool (I hope -- he has screenshots of  
> areas filled with patterns on his home page. That the fill tool doesn't work 
> seems related to the colour picker not working: Cyrille has worked really  
> hard on making Krita more flexible with colour models and one of the  
> artefacts is that the code to read a pixel value is a bit broken at the  
> moment. Once we've found a definitive way to access image data, that'll be  
> fixed. 
I had filling with patterns working before the change of iterators, but I 
messed my code up while converting to the new framework. Luckily, it shouldn't 
be too hard to implement it from scratch. 
As for the bug in the filling code, the problem seems to be something with 
line 41 (KisQuantum operator[](int index)) of kis_pixel_representation.h I 
think the '+' is wrong there, and should be changed to [index]. 
If you just want the filling to work again without recompiling everything 
depending on KisPixelRepresentation, try changing line 101 of kis_tool_fill.cc 
diff = QABS(src[i] - (*(reinterpret_cast<QUANTUM**>(&dst)))[i]); 
It's plain ugly, but it works around the bug and should make the recompile a 
lot faster. 
Bart Coppens 

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