Layers, layergroups, dockwindow, preview and dynamic layersize

Adrian Page adrian at
Thu Jul 1 18:03:23 CEST 2004

On Thursday 01 July 2004 3:48 pm, Casper Boemann wrote:
> Should we let the tools add the layer offsets ( as I have done with the pen
> tool) or should it be handled by the paintdevice through translation of all
> coords.

I don't think the tools should need to know anything about the offsets, so it 
would be better to keep that inside the paintdevice. However, the third 
option below seems best.

> The third option of painter taking coords in layer space (as it does now),
> and let the tools recieve coords also in layer space (of current layer) is
> a no-go, since tools may not act on the current layer. Think of the zoom
> tool.

Can't we just provide the tools with both the image space coordinates and the 
layer space coordinates for the current/active layer? They can then use 
whatever's most appropriate. The zoom tool just needs the image space 
coordinates, as far as I'm aware.

> So what I'm asking is should painter take coords in
> a) image space
> b) layer space.
> Talking in faviour of a) is reduced work for tools.
> But then a large work must be done updating painter (or paintdevice). Also
> for filter like operations it might be ackward to work in imagespace.
> I am in favour of layerspace (ie b) - but what do the rest of you think

I vote for b) too, unless a better suggestion comes up. :)


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