Layers, layergroups, dockwindow, preview and dynamic layersize

Casper Boemann cbr at
Thu Jul 1 16:48:05 CEST 2004

> I've attached the patch -- committing is bit fraught with problems since
> painting no longer works on a layer which has been moved, and I have sworn
> to never break the brush tool again. That's the one thing that should keep
> working!

This is a good time to raise a question I was concidering.

Should we let the tools add the layer offsets ( as I have done with the pen
tool) or should it be handled by the paintdevice through translation of all

The third option of painter taking coords in layer space (as it does now),
and let the tools recieve coords also in layer space (of current layer) is a
no-go, since tools may not act on the current layer. Think of the zoom tool.

So what I'm asking is should painter take coords in
a) image space
b) layer space.

by the way. The brush tools is already broken with respect to moved layers.
That bug has nothing to do with my changes. I only fixed it for the pen
tool - but we should decide how our final solution should be. So this
shouldn't hinder commiting.

Talking in faviour of a) is reduced work for tools.
But then a large work must be done updating painter (or paintdevice). Also
for filter like operations it might be ackward to work in imagespace.

I am in favour of layerspace (ie b) - but what do the rest of you think

best regards casper

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