Loading pipe brushes

Patrick Julien freak at codepimps.org
Thu Jan 22 14:11:16 CET 2004

On January 20, 2004 06:05 pm, Boudewijn Rempt wrote:
> I've done almost all the infrastructure for loading Gimp pipe brushes,
> except the actual loading -- I say, this is one silly file format -- a
> rather stupid header, one line with the name, and the next line with number
> of real brushes embedded in the file (in string format, so apparently needs
> strtol), a space, and a set of instructions called 'parasite' in Gimp
> parlance. And then the brushes, with no indication of what starts where or
> how many bytes each brush takes catted together.
> Currently, the KisImagePipeBrush class is a subclass of KisResource, but
> that should probably be KisBrush, so both types of brushes can go into the
> same container. I think it would be best to have KisImagePipeBrush contain
> a list of brushes, and then I might need to add another constructor to
> KisBrush, not with a filename, but with a pointer to the start of the
> QValueVector that contains the brush's bytes.

Use a reference to a std::vector, save yourself some trouble.

> All this aint much fun... Why didn't they use a file format with a bit of
> structure!

> I'm not checking in right now -- nothing is broken, but then again, no
> functionality has actually been added.

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