Loading gih brushes.

Boudewijn Rempt boud at valdyas.org
Wed Jan 21 20:03:29 CET 2004

I've just added loading of Gimp's gih (pipe-line) brushes, and also added the 
few pipe-line brushes that are in the Gimp's distribution. This wasn't much 
fun: I'd have preferred a more structured file format for these things, and 
it wasn't until I remembered the strengths of QString that I managed to parse 
it at all. C. Such a primitive language.

Using the brushes is still not perfect (will be working on that tonight): I 
don't parse and use the 'parasite' that describes which brush should be used 

Loading the brushes is now also a bit slow: one cause is a less than optimal 
hack to copy the data for each brush from the combined brush; and I'm not 
satisfied with the way I handle the three types of resources in the resource 
mediator / resource server, because I duplicate a lot of code.

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