transform, selection, paintdevice and layer relations

Casper Boemann cbr at
Tue Dec 28 20:14:31 CET 2004

Working on krita I'm a bit confused regarding transforms (like rotate, flip,
shear etc). This has got me thinking...

Q:When do we apply transforms to selections and when to the layer?

Q: And what happens with the result. Do we create a new layer, in which case
it doesn't work with plain paint devices, or do we just modify the

My first wish is that transforms should work with paint devices. Because -
in my mind - layers should only provide the extra functionality of stacking.
This goes along with cyrilles choice of anything paint related going into
the paintdevice and not the layer. I think this is a sound design choice.

Next, selections should in my mind also be part of the paint device and not
a layer. But for now we can live with that, just as long as we don't make
any further steps towards relying on the layer, so that later on we can
refactor it into the paint device if we can come up with a good design. I
havn't thought this through, so maybe I'm wrong on this one.

Third, consistency for the user is at a premium. So my two questions at the
top should be answered in a way that is easily understandable by the user
(though having to learn it is ok)

Now I'll yield the floor for replies

best regards

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