Fill_painter broken and colordistance in autolayer

Bart Coppens kde at
Mon Dec 27 17:15:50 CET 2004

Quoting Casper Boemann <cbr at>: 
> I can make a function that gives an estimate, but it is most probably not 
> what the user would expect. If I remember correctly photoshop limits the 
> flood by the image borders, perhabs we should do that too ? That is probably 
> also the most intuitive. 
That seems to be the best choice indeed. But I think there's a minor issue 
with this: what if the user has a layer with something painted on it, and 
moves the painted area out of the bounds of the image. What should happen if 
the user tries to fill the layer: I think I would expect the area moved out of 
the image would be filled as well, but with this filling it would only fill 
the area inside the image. 
> The blank layer has size 0x0, but if it's current and you floodfill you 
> would expect some sort of result. In my mind I would expect the image to be 
> filled. Do you have other ideas/suggestions? 
Filling the image seems a good choice here as well, yes. 
Bart Coppens 

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