How does krita render tiles to the screen?

Michael Thaler michael.thaler at
Sat Oct 11 12:14:55 CEST 2003


> That's my posish, too -- I understand enough to begin hacking, but not
> enough to actually _know_ what I'm doing...

I think I have a basic understanding now. As far as I understand, the
image is rendered to the screen by KisGuide. There is also a selection
tool which actually works and marks the selected region by a
rectangle. This code could probably also be used for interactive
drawing tools like rectangles, circles etc. And there is also the
color picker tool. I did not look at the code but this probably shows
you how you can read pixels (and do something equivalent to write
pixels?) This is actually what I really need: reading and writing
pixels from and to the image. Once I know how to do this, the rest
(interactive drawing tools, filters) should not be too hard.

But for now I don't want to write drawing tools and filters for krita,
because I still feel the app is to complicated for me. I am interested
in reusing kritas code for paintworks (at least some parts of it).

paintworks should have all the basic drawing tools, filters,
undo/redo, rectangular selection (maybe freehand selection
etc. later...) but it should not support layers, channels, other
colorspaces then RGBA.

No as I start to understand Kritas code, I think the code is quite
good and most of the things I need (except tools/filters) are already
there. The rest is already there in paintworks. So it is more a matter
of porting the relevant code from krita to paintworks.

> Have fun -- if you want my current patch -- still no cvs access -- mail
> me, and I'll send you a diff.

Please do that. But please also tell me how to apply it. I never did
it and I did not set up cvs here, yet. I spend all my spare time reading
krita's code right now and then maybe I should teach me some more
advanced C++ stuff again:-)

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