How does krita render tiles to the screen?

Michael Thaler michael.thaler at
Sat Oct 11 15:14:56 CEST 2003


> No as I start to understand Kritas code, I think the code is quite
> good and most of the things I need (except tools/filters) are already
> there. The rest is already there in paintworks. So it is more a matter
> of porting the relevant code from krita to paintworks.

I think it is even easier then I thought. In principle I have to code
something like  KisSimpleImage that is doing everything that KisImage
is doing but does not have layers. So I can use all of the tile/render
stuff, I guess:-)

By the way, I just saw that there is a pixel method in
KisPaintDevice. Did you try this to set pixels?

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