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Shawn Gordon
Tue, 03 Apr 2001 20:59:32 -0700

Woops, my mistake, I thought you were talking about KIllustrator.

John Califf has been working on Kimageshop, now called Krayon, and I KNOW 
he would like some help.  I don't know what he is using, but you should 
just work from the CVS.  John is sporadic sometimes on the email, but he is 
very thorough, you should check the mail list archives.

At 04:56 PM 4/3/2001, you wrote:
>Hello, I am interested in doing some work for the kimageshop project.  I have
>been playing around with kde/Qt development for a month or two.  I have been
>writing java professionally for about 3 years, and did about 2 years of C++
>before that, and am looking to get back into doing some C/C++.  I would
>probably be better off doing some small coding stuff at first.
>I have a few questions.....
>Is CVS the only way to get the code right now?  Is there a RPM?  What is the
>environment used to develop kimageshop?  I have been using Kdevelop 1.4.
>hopefully I can be of some help.
>Mark Webb
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Shawn Gordon