[Kget] KGet TODO list for TP1 in October 2006

Urs Wolfer uwolfer at kde.org
Sun Nov 26 21:16:58 CET 2006

On Sunday 26 November 2006 16:08, Dario Massarin wrote: 
> I found my first job and I moved away from my city. 
Congratulation for your new job!

> Now I don't even have 
> an internet connection, other than returning every day at home late and
> tired.  :-(
Thats really bad... Is there any hope to get a connection in the near future?

> Moreover this TransferView thing has proved to require lots of work and
> concentration. Damn. Anyone here wants to help poor Dario on this, or are
> we going to shift this thing in the future, working on a better treeview
> instead?
I think we should work in the near future on a _fully_ working KGet for KDE 4. 
Then we should ask on k-c-d for a move back to kdenetwork (I hope we will not 
get such a "fight" like there is one about okular...).

BUT: My time is at the moment really limited. I'm very busy for school. I hope 
it will get better after christmas...

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