[Kexi] Access to Lexi conversion?

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Conversion of tables is probably not an issue, the mdb importer usually does a good job on this (hoping to get 100% import of northwind.mdb before release).  Unfortunately, there is no support for converting forms, so they would have to be redesigned.  We also are about to release the first version of kexi based on koffice2/kde4.  forms in this version will not have the scripting capability available in ms access.  Reports otoh are quite comprehensive, but this will be the first version of kexi with reports, and we are yet to get user feedback.

If you do decide to try out kexi, we would certainly like your feedback.

You may also wish to try kubuntu as opposed to xubuntu, as im not sure the latter will come complete with the libraries required for running kexi.


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Good morning Adam,
I am moving my small business from Windows to Xbuntu Linux and am looking for the most painless way to move my custom Access database over to something which can run under Linux.  Was reading about the Kexi project.  Would it be fairly easy to convert all of my tables and forms over to Kexi, and if so, whom could I speak with about having it done?  Thank you for your time.  -Kent

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