[Kexi] Access to Kexi conversion?

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Wed Feb 24 17:51:42 CET 2010

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> From: Kent Kirkland
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> Subject:  Access to Lexi conversion?
> I am moving my small business from Windows to Xbuntu Linux and am looking for the most painless way to move my
> custom Access database over to something which can run under Linux.  Was reading about the Kexi project.  Would it be
> fairly easy to convert all of my tables and forms over to Kexi, and if so, whom could I speak with about having it done?

Hi Kent.
Thanks for trying Kexi.
A good idea is to contact Microsoft and request specification
document(s) that can unlock your own data and designs. The contact is
Paul Lorimer, Group Manager, Microsoft Office Interoperability.

See http://blogs.msdn.com/interoperability/
There are also forums:

If you and other users show enough of interest, chances are that MS
stops ignoring the demand. It is also good idea to contact your local
country's standards body/open stadnards/free software/consumer
rights/government representative and communicate your needs and
importance of the problem.

As you can imagine, developers like us, are rather overworked, so
cannot handle extra tasks like lobbying...

Technical hint: It is sometimes suggested that using ODBC is the
solution but ODBC has nothing to do with forms' and reports' format -
it gives you just binary blobs (this alone is already possible without
ODBC). And using ODBC certainly requires access to a Windows+MS Access

regards / pozdrawiam, Jaroslaw Staniek
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