git integration for remote repository

Sven Brauch mail at
Tue Jul 20 17:18:28 BST 2021


On 7/20/21 2:58 PM, Amit Chaudhuri wrote:
> I've seen suggestions that kdevelop can clone a remote repository,
> handle local branches and push changes back to the remote. That's
> exactly what I am trying to do with 4.7.1.

where do you get that version from? KDevelop 4.7.1 is a random patch
release from over 6 years ago, which has gotten 3 bugfix updates (4.7.2,
4.7.3 and 4.7.4) about 5 years ago. Further, there have been 7 feature
releases since. Please complain to whoever still ships you this version
of the software. At the very least, they should ship version 4.7.4.

Please try again with KDevelop 5.6.1, which you can download here as a
single-file executable if you distribution doesn't provide it:


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