Why my installation of 5.2.3 won't parse the code -- a clue (was: Re: 5.2.4 impression)

rhkramer at gmail.com rhkramer at gmail.com
Fri May 10 13:04:03 BST 2019

On Friday, May 10, 2019 03:02:21 AM Kevin Funk wrote:
> On Friday, 10 May 2019 03:54:55 CEST rh kramer wrote:
> > On Project --> Open Configuration --> Language Support -->
> > Includes/Imports, I'm adding the subdirectories that contain the files
> > that KDevelop previously could not find.
> Yep, I was about to suggest that. If KDevelop fails to auto-detect the
> required include directories, just add them via that dialog.
> KDevelop has some troubles auto-detecting include dirs with pure make or
> qmake-based projects; cmake-based ones usually work fine though.
> Please report back if that fixes the issue for you.

Well, that helped, but KDevelop is not ready to use.  (My lack of "facility" 
with C/C++may be part of the problem -- read on.)

After adding the directories I recognized that needed to be included (from the 
sciintilla-scite codebase) (and also some of the directories in the chroot for 
GCC8 which helped with finding some (or maybe even all) of the C/C++ standard 
includes (e.g. stdlib.h for GCC8 --instead of those for GCC4 which is the GCC 
supported in Jessie).

But major problems remain -- the most frustrating of which atm is that the 
parsing continues to 99% and then the entire machine locks up (the hdd light 
comes on and stays on) -- last night I left it on for a good 45 minutes before 
rebooting (before that I rebooted much sooner, thinking it was some kind of 
anomaly).  (I couldn't do anything including switching to, what do you call it 
-- the virtual terminal you get by pressing <ctrl><alt><F1> (that might have 
been and ebkac -- I have a vague memory that I might have tried 
<ctrl><shift><F1> by mistake.)

(Before I added directories as mentioned above, the parsing proceeded to 100% 
and did not lock up (but 100% of almost nothing is not really useful ;-)

Anyway, I have one clue that I'm going to try to dig into this morning, and I 
may be handicapped by lack of knowledge of C/C++ -- I'm still getting 123 
messages in the "Problems" box related to parsing, and some of the messages 
say something like "Namespace scintilla not found (or did it say not defined? 
-- I don't have KDevelop running at the moment)-- did you mean std::scintilla" 
so I'm thinking two things:

   * I haven't included all of the directories that I need to include -- the 
directory that contains the file that defines the scintilla namespace is not 
being searched, or

   * <darn, I hate getting old -- when I remember the other possibility that I 
thought of I'll write to the list again>

LIke I said, the trouble box lists 123 errors related to parsing, and many of 
them seem to be related to the missing scintilla namespace, and those are all 
that I can remember at the moment, and I don't plan to run KDevelop again 
until I've corrected something that might let it run without hanging.

And, darn, I was going to mention another problem -- a much lesser problem 
that I doubt is causing the hang, but I'm drawing a blank again -- I'm hoping 
that (as sometimes happens) I'll remember those items after I press send ;-)

I will say that I'm not impressed with the documentation I've found so far for 
kdevelop.  A few examples:

   * I found no documentation (or wasn't patient enough to read the 
documentation) that told me anything about the possible need to enter the 
include directories manually -- everything I read seemed to me (a novice to 
all things C/C++, make, IDE, DBG, and CMS (i.e., git) to indicate that after I 
specified (or something) the make file, kdevelop would automagically get the 
correct include directories.  It wasn't until I started to selectively browse 
the archives of this mail list that I got a hint.

   * Things like the kdevelop handbook (with all of the screenshots) just 
drive me crazy (all the screenshots) -- I'm sure there are times when a 
screenshot is necessary / very helpful, but they tend to make my eyes glaze 
over, even if I try to skip over them.

(Aside: I am a believer in documentation, and try to keep good personal notes 
and an online wiki (WikiLearn) for some of my learnings.  But, quite often, 
after I manage to learn what I need to accomplish some objective, my notes are 
such a mess of false starts and dead ends and I don't take the time to fix them 
up enough to be happy to put them on the wiki.  But, that is on my ToDo list 
for at least some of what I learn about KDevelop.)

Thanks for any hints re the KDevelop hang or the error related to the 
scintilla namespace.  (You can hint about other things, including telling me 
that the job is not done until the paperwork is done, but I already know that 
-- if someone want to debug the one lexer already written for scintilla, or 
write the next two that I want, I could spend that time documenting KDevelop 
-- the lexers are intended to help me write better notes and transfer them to 
the wiki ;-) 

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