Why my installation of 5.2.3 won't parse the code -- a clue (was: Re: 5.2.4 impression)

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Thu May 9 11:18:57 BST 2019

On Thursday May 09 2019 11:29:30 Kevin Funk wrote:

>In KDevelop: About -> Loaded Plugins. Make sure there's "C++ Support (Clang-
>based)" in there.

Works too, but I find that less quick to spot. Must be an age/eyesight thing ;)

>How your code is actually compiled is a different thing and has nothing to do 
>with how KDevelop annotates the source code in its editor views.

Of course, you already said that and it wasn't my intention to suggest otherwise!

As far as actual compilation is concerned, KDevelop is mostly a shell around the usual culprits (configure/cmake/qmake/whatever and make/ninja/whatever), with relatively little control over them (with the exception of cmake).


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