braces being closed automatically when editing cmake files

Kevin Funk kfunk at
Wed Nov 21 10:30:28 GMT 2018

On Thursday, 15 November 2018 11:04:11 CET René J.V. Bertin wrote:
> Aleix Pol wrote:
> (apologies if this goes in twice; an intial copy sent via KNode/GMane got
> moderator-queued because considered spam...)
> > Yes, it's one coming from ktexteditor that you enabled eventually
> > since it's disabled by default.
> I was silently blaming KTextEditor too, I just installed it from git/master
> on the machine where this happens.
> Any idea which option? I've had "Editing Options"/General/"Auto Brackets"
> turned off since forever (and I'd expect it to apply to all files, not just
> cmake files).

Yes. That's where it happens.

Did you try changing it in KDevelop's settings and test? It has the desired 
effect here.

> Might be related to 354fda8b563ea6fcf66813f02aadae3349aa25c6?
> BTW, does KTextEditor have settings that are application-specific nowadays?

Since KF5 v5.50.0 it does that again, see:


> R.

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