braces being closed automatically when editing cmake files

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Thu Nov 15 10:04:11 GMT 2018

Aleix Pol wrote:

(apologies if this goes in twice; an intial copy sent via KNode/GMane got moderator-queued because considered spam...)

> Yes, it's one coming from ktexteditor that you enabled eventually
> since it's disabled by default.

I was silently blaming KTextEditor too, I just installed it from git/master on 
the machine where this happens.

Any idea which option? I've had "Editing Options"/General/"Auto Brackets" turned 
off since forever (and I'd expect it to apply to all files, not just cmake files).

Might be related to 354fda8b563ea6fcf66813f02aadae3349aa25c6?

BTW, does KTextEditor have settings that are application-specific nowadays?


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