braces being closed automatically when editing cmake files

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Wed Nov 21 12:11:04 GMT 2018

On Wednesday November 21 2018 11:30:28 Kevin Funk wrote:

First off, the issue disappeared just as it came. I think I still get an automatic opening bracket in some conditions - on my other machine so I'd have to verify if I'm not imagining that.

>> Any idea which option? I've had "Editing Options"/General/"Auto Brackets"

>Yes. That's where it happens.
>Did you try changing it in KDevelop's settings and test? It has the desired 
>effect here.

Yes, I turned it on and back off. DIdn't make a difference in the session where the glitch occurred, while that session was running.

>> Might be related to 354fda8b563ea6fcf66813f02aadae3349aa25c6?
That commit introduced an `auto-bracket` kate modeline parameter. It defaults to off, but I guess I'll have to assume that something got messed up there until things sorted themselves out.

Maybe a generic form of the settings blues? :) The other day I somehow lost all my KDevelop shortcut customisations (including lots of alternates) and had a hell of a time restoring them all.

>Since KF5 v5.50.0 it does that again, see:

Ah, thanks, good to know, something positive to keep in mind if ever I notice a loss of settings now that I finally upgraded to 5.52.0 (from 5.47.0) :)


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