Opening multiple projects with the same name

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Mon Feb 12 09:08:15 GMT 2018

On Sunday February 11 2018 21:41:06 Erik Rull wrote:


>How can I open multiple projects of the same name at the same time in the
>same kdevelop-instance?

The short answer is something like "try first wit KDevelop 5.2.1 but I don't think you can". I don't think that is not intentional (probably on the contrary; project settings are stored under a directory with a UUID), so your best bet would be to try with the latest release and then file a ticket on BKO if it doesn't work as you expect.

In my experience KDevelop doesn't use the project name consistently and to the fullest possible extent, and that experience doesn't even involve trying to open multiple projects with exactly the same name. I've posted about this before, on one of these two MLs or as a wishlist ticket on BKO (along with a patch that I think improves certain aspects:

One issue that you will certainly run into, probably with a vengeance, is that navigation aids like the outline dropdown widget already have trouble taking you to the correct file in which the function you selected resides, if you have multiple files open that contain the same file. Even if you think you use the widget to jump to another function in the same file, you may end up editing the file from another project. I'm 99% certain that others have reported this issue too, and for me it persists in the latest 5.2.1 builds.

HtH (against all odds 8-) )


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