Opening multiple projects with the same name

Erik Rull erik.rull at
Sun Feb 11 20:41:06 GMT 2018

Hi all,

I work on a multi branch project and work on multiple branches in parallel
- so I have the code checked out for multiple platforms and multiple
branches at the same time (in different directories, of course!).
But I can open only a single project with the same name. The kdev-Project
files are checked into the source control repository so that others can use
it, too and that I can work on any branch after a checkout directly by
opening the project.

At the end - kdevelop4 (IIRC 4.7.3) complains if I want to open a second
checkout of the project - due to the same project name.

How can I open multiple projects of the same name at the same time in the
same kdevelop-instance?


Best regards,


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