Opening multiple projects with the same name

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Mon Feb 12 11:48:54 GMT 2018


>- so I have the code checked out for multiple platforms and multiple
>branches at the same time (in different directories, of course!).

I was going to try for myself, but I need a bit more specific information for that.

By default KDevelop will name projects after the directory from which it loads the [C]make or .pro file, and it will create a pair of .kdev4 files with that same name, giving


AFAIK the name you enter in the project wizard is stored in the foo/foo.kdev4 file and used only (chiefly?) to disambiguate the entries in open file lists when you have multiple files with the same name open from different projects (as well as in the titlebar). 

So what do you mean with "different directories"? Are we talking different names of the final directory on the path (/a/b/c/{d,e,f}) or about paths that differ somewhere but not in the final directory name (/a/b/c/d, /a/b/e/d, /a/f/c/d)?


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