project-specific formatter settings (spaces vs. tabs)

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Sun Feb 11 17:49:49 GMT 2018


Does anyone else use project-specific formatter settings in combination with the "Override Kate Indentation Mode" and personal (artistic) formatting styles?

My global default uses a slightly modified KDELibs profile for C and C++, with the usual 4-spaces indentation. I made a further modified version of that profile which uses actual tabs for indentation, also set to occupy 4 spaces.

I use that "KDELibs Tabs" profile for C and C++ files via a project-specific formatter setting in combination with "Override Kate Indentation Mode" in a few projects I contribute to.

I notice that KDevelop (or KTexteditor?) tends to "forget" that it should be using tabs instead of spaces, and think this may even happen multiple times during a session. Checking the settings never shows any unintended changes, and behaviour goes back to how it should be when I close the settings dialog.

Does anyone else notice this?


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