git status --porcelain error?

Kevin Funk kfunk at
Mon Jan 9 11:46:16 GMT 2017

On Monday, 9 January 2017 11:32:42 CET René J.V. Bertin wrote:
> On Thursday December 29 2016 17:43:49 Kevin Funk wrote:
> >Please debug.
> >
> >The error message comes from dvcsjob.cpp in kdevplatform.git:
> >  DVcsJob::slotProcessError( QProcess::ProcessError err )
> I just tried because of a variant I got ... for a while:
> Command finished with error FailedToStart.
> /opt/local/site-ports/devel/Vc> git stash list
> Except that by the time I attached the debugger, it finally loaded all
> symbol tables and I got a breakpoint set, the issue had resolved itself
> like a true Heisenbug.
> I see that the error handler can output much more detailed information via
> qCDebug(), I'll turn that into q[C]Warning() locally to ensure I always get
> to see it on the calling terminal.  But maybe that info should be shown in
> the VCS toolview?

I don't think that's necessary. Showing the git output as-is is already quite 

What /could/ make sense is to elaborate what `FailedToStart` means for the 

Patches welcome.


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