Disappointment trying to runt kdevelop 5 in opensuse 13.2 environment

Sven Brauch mail at svenbrauch.de
Mon Sep 12 15:47:00 UTC 2016


On 09/12/2016 05:37 PM, Michael George Hart wrote:
> Now that I have kdevelop 5.00  working under openSuSE 13.2 I can say that
> the method AppImage
> relative to the openSuse 13.2 unstable package found at "
> it is not as reactive to my mouaw clicks on stuff....
I find that surprising, I personally didn't notice a noticeable
difference in performance -- except for the startup, which of course
needs much longer for the AppImage.

> anyway now that I
> have the proper version kcrash installed a peculiar bug has gone away with
> respect to the AppImage version
> eg.
> Settings==>Configure Kdevelop==>Editor==>Fonts & Colors
> Then choose the schema "Solarized (dark)"
> would screw-up the layout of the kdevelop 5..... anyway I can no longer
> replicate the problem...
Can't reproduce. This only happened on the AppImage once, and doesn't
any more? What does "screw up" mean?


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