Tilde (~) in version 5+

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Thu Nov 17 09:53:55 GMT 2016

On Thursday November 17 2016 10:12:35 Kevin Funk wrote:

FWIW, I'm seeing something similar on and off on my KDE4 desktop, also only in KDE applications.
I have 2 layouts configured, "English US" in the "English (Macintosh)" variant, and "French" (no variant; only there because my physical keyboard is French). I usually use the English layout because I get all the accent with Mac-inspired deadkey combinations (AltGr-e+e -> é, AltGr-n+n -> ñ) but periodically those deadkey combinations start inserting the accent immediately. I don't think that happens more than once a day, which means it happens at some point after a wake-from-sleep.
Usually it's enough to toggle to and from the French layout using the layout widget in a panel, but sometimes I have to do some actual typing in the French layout before it "sticks".

I've asked about this on the general KDE ML; no one seemed to have a clue.

I notice it only in KMail2 4.1x; next time I'll check if KF5 apps are afflicted, but the go-to non-Qt app I've always got open (GChrome) isn't. That means it cannot be a hardware issue but it must be something in the way KDE (or Qt!) handles keyboard layouts.


>> 5.0, I cannot
>> use Alt-gr + tilde + space to get the tilde char for destructors. Im using
>> xubuntu 16.10 with xfce.
>> The strange thing is that it's only in Kdevelop this doesnt work anymore,
>> all my other editors/programs are fine with it.
>Are the other programs Qt5-based, too?
>Does changing Keyboard layouts help, maybe?
>See e.g.: https://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=22&t=94178

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