Kdevelop 4 vs. 3.5

Erik Rull erik.rull at rdsoftware.de
Sat Jan 2 18:05:08 UTC 2016

Hi René, hi Sven,

I think the really good hint with the remote X11 did it!
Due to the reason that both Kdevelop and Kate were slow, I searched on this
issue and see there is a solution that fits my bill - even with the 4.6.0
Gives the final hint:
kate -graphicssystem native
This is usable for kdevelop, too!
And this results in a nearly delay-free scrolling :-)

And I will try the bigger makefiles next week - this will take more time
preparing this on my side.

Thanks a lot for your support!

Best regards,


René J.V. Bertin wrote:
> On Saturday January 02 2016 18:40:49 Erik Rull wrote:
>> Thanks. This causes some new dependencies regarding libstdc++6 Version >=5
>> which is not directly available for 14.04.
> Interesting, that's probably because I have gcc-5 installed. I'm not on my Linux machine right now, but I think you can see from the PPA dependencies where I get gcc-5. It's in an official Ubuntu PPA.
>> Okay, as soon as I have the system back running kdevelop, I'll give it
>> another try! Is there a way to see which files finally got included?
> Yes, if their targets appear ;)
>> Thanks - but if the issue is related to remote X - I think that 3.5 won't
>> improve here...
> Actually it is not impossible that Qt3 does better over remote X11 than Qt4 (which in it turns definitely does better than Qt5).
> But if your reference (your old system on which you had KDevelop3) didn't use remote X11 then no, I wouldn't bother.
> Cheers,
> René

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