New version debugger issue.

Funkster ollyatwork at
Wed Jul 15 19:02:59 BST 2015

Funkster <ollyatwork at ...> writes:

>    I'll try to confirm / deny it being a general remote debugging issue
> later, as I have other projects where I remote debug to other Linux ARM and
> x86 targets via gdbserver rather than OpenOCD. The path of connections is
> very different...

It appears to affect remote debugging generally, which should make this much
easier for others to reproduce as you don't need any ARM hardware.

Currently remote debugging as follows (this combination works perfectly in
KDevelop 4.7.0):
local native gdb v7.7.1-21.fc20 (64bit)
tcp connection to
target gdbserver x86 (32bit) v6.8

When I hit debug, KDevelop pops up 3 dialogs saying:

---Internal debugger error---
The exception is: MI type error
The MI response is: ^done,threads=[{id="1",target-id="Thread

The remote GDBServer does get a connection, however, and if I press OK on
all the dialogs and press continue, the program *does* execute. BUT I cannot
interrupt it and breakpoints do nothing, so this is similar to how the
embedded ARM target behaves (i.e. debugging is useless).

Any chance one of the developers can try to reproduce this?

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