environment config combobox dysfunctional in projects' CMake preferences

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Fri Oct 17 21:23:49 BST 2014

On Friday October 17 2014 22:15:13 Milian Wolff wrote:

> I also see that but it doesn't seem to have any affect.

Weird, no? That message shouldn't be there if the signal worked 100% ...
BTW, it also kept showing with my workaround.

> I.e. the important stuff works (the Apply button gets enabled after changing the environment).

And does your selection "stick" across closing and reopening the config dialog?

> I suggest you don't waste more time on this. It might be different in KF5 
> anyways.

Sure, but I can't wait for that. I actually need the feature to be able to use KDevelop on MacPorts projects which need to have a specific environment in place.
(The alternative would be to write a dedicated build system plugin for MacPorts but somehow that seems a lot more work ;) )

I rolled back my kdevplatform install to what it was before my hack and am doing a full reinstall of KDevelop. If this still doesn't work I'll just go back to my own hack and make sure it doesn't get committed.


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