new working set icons... not unique?

Sven Brauch svenbrauch at
Thu Dec 19 16:50:31 GMT 2013

> I did just now. Honestly, it's... okay. I actually feel that g=8 d=c=2 s=256
> works better. (Can play with the step count, main point is limiting the grid
> to 7 or 8 with 2px dots instead of single pixels.)
Ok, I'll play around with it a bit eventually.

> Is green even a possible color? Is it just coincidence I am only getting red
> - blue? I was thinking that was intentional, as it avoids problems in case
> of persons with partial color vision.
No, this is just by chance... green happens too.
For the colorblind problem, I will make sure we normally use all the
patterns first before we use the same pattern twice with different
colors. Then colorblind persons can have like 10 sets without issues
and if they have more they'll have to use the mouse to find what a set
is. That's ok in my opinion.


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