KDevCustomMakeManager and KDevCMakeManager plugins not loading

Alvin Beach alvinbeach at gmail.com
Mon Dec 2 17:26:50 GMT 2013

On 02/12/13 11:40, Milian Wolff wrote:
> On Monday 02 December 2013 10:07:12 Alvin Beach wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I upgrade KDevelop (now 4.5.2 - KDevPlatform 4.11.3) this morning to from
>> the openSUSE 12.3 repo[1] and I am getting this error message when I load
>> my custom makefile project:
>>  "Could not load project management plugin KDevCustomMakeManager"
>> That message is then followed by:
>>  "project import plugin (KDevCustomMakeManager) does not support the
>> IProjectFileManager interface."
>> [snip]
>> Is there anything I can do or is this an issue with the repository's build?
> No clue about OpenSuse, but this sounds like no plugins at all can be found. 
> Can you run the following and paste its output somewhere online?
> ktraderclient --servicetype KDevelop/Plugin
> Especially interesting is the X-KDevelop-Version here, for 4.5.2 it should be 
> 15. So to make sure, just see whether this produces a different result:
> ktraderclient --servicetype KDevelop/Plugin --constraint '[[X-KDevelop-
> Version]] == "15"'
> Also double check the stuff installed by your package manager, i.e. do 
> something like:
> find /usr/share -name "kdev*.desktop" | xargs grep X-KDevelop-Version
> Bye

Looks like everything is installed. Ran both of your commands and there are .desktop files and they
contain version 15.

Looks more like an issue with the repository. When I run "kdevelop --ps" (I like picking the project
at startup), I get errors such as:

kdevelop(32681)/kdevplatform (shell) KDevelop::PluginController::loadPluginInternal: Loading plugin
' "KDevCMakeDocumentation" ' failed, KServiceTypeTrader reported error: '
"The plugin 'kdevcmakedocumentation' uses an incompatible KDE library (4.11.4)." '

In fact, I would guess that every plugin fails! I will ask on the opensuse-kde mailing-list as this
appears to be a distro-related bug.



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