Breakpoint keeps KDevelop (gdb?) from debugging

Oliver Schuppe Oliver.Schuppe at
Tue Nov 27 17:05:56 GMT 2012

Hi all!

In my project, I set a breakpoint and tried to launch the debugger. 
Works fine but for one file: setting a breaktpoint in this file blocks 
the start of my application.

Last line of gdb output:

(gdb) -break-insert -f "\"/home/user1/path/to/my/file.h\":45"

KDevelop / gdb hangs then.
Everything works fine if I use gdb from the konsole.

Not sure if this is a gdb or KDevelop issue. Unfortunately, my project 
is not open source and so far, I failed to create a minimal example 
showing this behaviour.
KDevelop is ver. 4.3.1.

Does anyone know anything about that?


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