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Mon Nov 26 09:35:18 GMT 2012

On Monday 26 November 2012 09:58:59 dAgeCKo wrote:
> Hello,
> here I have some comments and ideas for futures releases of kdevelop. I
> just hope this is a good place to talk about this (I previously added
> wishes in the bug report but I am not sure enough people read it and
> certainly it needs more information, thus this mail).
> 1) session issues
> The first thing, that is somehow annoying is that kdevelop always starts
> the session that was firstly closed on the last boot. For example, let's
> say I have sessions 1 and 2. Then I close session 1, and then session 2.
> Then I reboot my computer. Then I start kdevelop. And the session that
> starts is the session 1.
> Maybe I don't have good logic, but I would expect the last closed
> session to open on the next start (so here session 2).
> A solution to avoid argue with this logic would be for kdevelop to open
> its starting page at every start (4.4 has a beautiful starting page that
> we see only the first time we start kdevelop...), and this would mimics
> a bit the way VS and other IDE work.

This sounds like a bug, did you report it?

> 2) indentation and source formatting


Both this and 3) are issues with the katepart formatter, which simply needs to 
become configurable. With astyle or a custom formatter based on uncrustify, 
you can already get such styles when you chose "reformat source". But yeah, 
the format-as-you-write part needs to be improved. It won't change until 
someone does the work though - do you feel interested? This is a long standing 
Milian Wolff
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