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Martin Heimlich martin at
Tue Nov 20 07:59:03 GMT 2012


I'm an avid KDevelop user for some years now, but I still haven't figured
out what kind of scheme is used to sort the documents in the "Recent
Documents Switcher" :).

Most of the time Ctrl-TAB brings back the document that was in the
foreground right before the current one, but sometimes I get to some
different document and looking at the popup the order does not seem to have
anything to do with my document usage history and I cannot figure out any
kind of sort order (alphabetic etc.).

I admit that am quite lazy on closing documents which leads to me having
30-40 files open all the time. Sometimes the "recent" file is almost at the
bottom of the list, which makes it quite annoying and hard to find.

Please give me a hint on how files are sorted, so I can adapt to it.

Anyway, thanks for your great work on KDevelop!

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