remove leading space on entering newline

Skippy VonDrake skippyvondrake at
Fri Nov 16 19:46:47 GMT 2012

Using KDevelop4 with C code.

Whenever I make a newline from the far left (Col:1), the cursor advances 1 space
on the new line! Even though I'm not within a function block.
When I create a function I want the first char to be in column 1. And
when I hit enter
I expect it to stay in that column - unless I'm in a code block.  If
I'm in a code block
I'd expect it to advance by one tab.
Sometimes it works as expected and other times not.

Then there are times I have to hit Enter twice to get it to move at
all! Don't know
whats going on there!

Obviously I have some learning to do regarding this IDE.
Poked around in Settings->Configure Editor->Settings->Editing->Indentation,
Indentation Actions but can't seem to stop that next-line-space action.

Where in the manual is there a good description of the formatting options?

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