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Thu May 19 10:34:41 UTC 2011

I don't remember the exact configuration details but I was able to run
Kdevelop-3 on the same host where I have Kdevelop4 built and installed.
My scheme was like this: I've got a script that sets up correct environment
(PATH, LD_LIBRARY_PATH, KDEDIRS, KDEHOME, maybe smth else, all these should
have kde3 dirs before kde4 ones) and runs kbuildsycoca. Then I run it in a
shell and from that shell I can run kdevelop3 with all environment set up.
Probably, it's LD_LIBRARY_PATH you are missing?..

On Mon, May 16, 2011 at 10:31 PM, Leon Pollak <leonp at plris.com> wrote:

>  Hello, all.
> Recently I installed new PC with KDE4 (FC14).
> But I desperately need the kdevelop-3.5.5 to work on it!
> I did the same exactly as I did on my PC: installed the kdelibs3 and devel,
> took sources of kdevelop-3.5.5, compiled them with
> --prefix=/home/leonp/kdev355 installed to there, restarted KDE and run
> kbuildsycoca with KDEDIRS to this directory and KDEHOME to copy of my old
> KDE3 directory,
> Still, when kdev355 starts it says that it cannot find plugins!
> Opening the project says that C++ plugin cannot be found!
> Please, any guess - what else do I miss?
> (I need 3.5.5 because of old versions of cross-gcc/gdb I use, no way to
> update).
> Thousands of thanks ahead!
> --
> Leon
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