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Mon Jun 21 23:29:09 UTC 2010

Chris Bruner said the following at 06/21/2010 04:20 PM :
> D. R. Evans wrote:
>> This is presumably an idiotic question, but where oh where is some kind of
>> explanation or manual describing how to use kdevelop 4.0.x?
> Funny enough, it appears that it's at the bugs & wishes link at 

Actually, I'd found that, but I don't see any of those links as being
remotely useful to a user. They all seem to be directed at people
developing *for* kdevelop, rather than people trying to use kdevelop for
their own code.

For example, there's nothing there about the directory structure (so that
users would know even such basic stuff as where to put files); nor how to
add files to a project; nor how to configure a project. (I did momentarily
think that the link to "KDevelop4/Configuration" was going to describe
where the dialogs are for setting up things like include directories,
compiler options, etc., but it turns out that whatever that page is talking
about, it's not something directed at mortal users).

I thought that if I just created the simple "Hello, World" console project,
I could at least figure out how to change things incrementally (by adding
and removing files, and changing the configuration item by item) so that it
eventually morphed into the project I wanted to import. But even with the
sample "Hello, World" project in front of me, I couldn't figure out much at
all. It wasn't even obvious how to run the compiled executable -- even
though there's a menu called "Run". Somewhere I'm sure there's a user
manual that describes everything in adequate detail, but I'm still looking
for it :-(

> I found it whilst trying to submit some bugs. Anybody know where to 
> submit bugs? :)

Wouldn't you submit them at There's a "Report Bug" item on my
Help menu, and is where it takes me.



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