getting started (and bugs)

Chris Bruner cbruner at
Mon Jun 21 22:20:45 UTC 2010

D. R. Evans wrote:
> This is presumably an idiotic question, but where oh where is some kind of
> explanation or manual describing how to use kdevelop 4.0.x?
Funny enough, it appears that it's at the bugs & wishes link at

I found it whilst trying to submit some bugs. Anybody know where to 
submit bugs? :)

For the sake of getting them down, here they are:

1.  F10 is configured for both Step Over and Dynamic Word Wrap. (Please 
remove the Dynamic word wrap default setting).
2. If shortcuts for Dynamic word wrap are set to something other then 
F10, it remembers until the file being debugged is changed. (As you step 
through code, if you go to a different file the setting revert back to 
the conflict).


There is no view assembly available.
An array of characters only shows in debugger as hex values, the option 
to show as a string would be useful.
Make the code tracker icon thinner (the arrow showing where in the code 
you are debugging) or make the breakpoint icon larger. Currently setting 
a breakpoint on the current line can barely be seen.

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