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D. R. Evans doc.evans at
Mon Jun 21 22:38:42 BST 2010

This is presumably an idiotic question, but where oh where is some kind of
explanation or manual describing how to use kdevelop 4.0.x?

I've been using IDEs for at least 20 years (including kdevelop3), and
kdevelop4 has me completely baffled. All the documentation I can find seems
to refer to kdevelop3. Obviously, I am looking in the wrong place and using
the wrong search terms.

I could ask specific questions, but I have so many that it would be silly.
I think I just need some decent documentation to get me started with
bringing a plain old console project with about 50 C++ source and header
files into kdevelop4.

FWIW, I'm on 64-bit lucid, using the official Canonical package (which is
kdevelop 4.0.0 with kdevplatform 1.0.0 on KDE 4.2.2).

Thanks in advance, and I apologise for the trivial question.


PS For the benefit of new users like me, please consider putting a nice big
pointer to kdevelop4 documentation on the home page (or is it
just me that's having trouble and getting frustrated by broken links and
links to kdevelop3 material?)


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