background parser ignores code inside of an "#ifdef"-block in kdev 3.9.98

Dietmar Hofer didi at
Tue Feb 23 15:19:07 GMT 2010

Andreas, thanks for your answer, that looks interesting.
I tried to build your plugin in kdevelop, but encountered the following error:
custombuildsystemplugin.cpp:250: 'removeProjectBasePath' is not a member of 
I have no experience with KDE-development, thus I feel not in grade to analyze 
this, maybe doing something wrong. I am running KDE 4.4.0 (from Ubuntu PPA 
karmic-backport) and kdevelop 0.9.98. Hope that helps.

PS: Is there a way to copy error messages to clipboard from the kdevelop 
"Build" console window?

PPS: For some reason I didn't get your answer by mail, but only included in 
the "Digest" mail from the list. I hope this mail will be put as answer to 
this thread.

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