background parser ignores code inside of an "#ifdef"-block in kdev 3.9.98

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Tue Feb 23 15:48:03 GMT 2010

On 23.02.10 16:19:07, Dietmar Hofer wrote:
> Andreas, thanks for your answer, that looks interesting.
> I tried to build your plugin in kdevelop, but encountered the following error:
> custombuildsystemplugin.cpp:250: 'removeProjectBasePath' is not a member of 
> 'KDevelop'
> I have no experience with KDE-development, thus I feel not in grade to analyze 
> this, maybe doing something wrong. I am running KDE 4.4.0 (from Ubuntu PPA 
> karmic-backport) and kdevelop 0.9.98. Hope that helps.

You'll need current trunk for the plugin to build.
> PS: Is there a way to copy error messages to clipboard from the kdevelop 
> "Build" console window?

No, thats currently not supported.

> PPS: For some reason I didn't get your answer by mail, but only included in 
> the "Digest" mail from the list. I hope this mail will be put as answer to 
> this thread.

No, I'm not cc'ing people when replying to the list as thats not something
thats usually wanted by people reading this list. Also I'd like to ask you
to not cc me on answers as I already get the answers over the list.


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