newbie question

Geoff Macartney geoff.macartney at
Wed Mar 4 22:14:15 GMT 2009


hope it's ok to ask newbie questions, I can't find an answer to this in
the online documentation I've seen.

Just trying out kdevelop (v3.5.3 on Ubuntu 8.04 w/ KDE4.1) and it
doesn't do something I thought it would - when I compile and get an

35  int main()
36  {
37      int y = x; // x is not defined
38  }

I get the following in the "Messages" pane:

cd '/home/geoff/dev/test7/.' && LC_MESSAGES="C" LC_CTYPE="C" make -k 
g++ tester.cpp
tester.cpp: In function 'int main()':
tester.cpp:37: error: 'x' was not declared in this scope
make: *** [tester] Error 1
*** Exited with status: 2 ***

but nothing shows up in the "Problems" pane. I sort of expected I'd be
able to double click on an compile error message and get taken to the
appropriate point in the code. Is this not the case?

If this is documented somewhere on the net, please let me know where,
because I'm obviously not reading in the right places.


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