Kdevelop don't load kdevplatform

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Thu Mar 5 14:18:55 GMT 2009

On 05.03.09 12:43:46, Gioacchino wrote:
> Here you found some more details
> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdevelop-kde4/+bug/326342/comments/3
> gioacchino at HackLab:~$ whereis kdevelop
> kdevelop: /usr/local/bin/kdevelop
> gioacchino at HackLab:~$ echo $KDEDIRS
> /usr/lib/kde4:/usr/local/lib/kde4:/usr/share/kde4:/usr/local/share/kde4:/usr/local/share/applications/kde4:/usr/local/share/doc/kde4:/usr/local/share/emoticons/kde4:

Thats wrong. KDEDIRS is a list of prefixes where kde has been installed. In
your case it  should contain only "/usr/local;/usr". Thats all, nothing
else needed. After setting the variable run kbuildsycoca4 from that shell,
then kdevelop from the same shell. Then kdevelop should find its plugins


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