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Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Thu Mar 5 08:13:54 GMT 2009

On 04.03.09 22:14:15, Geoff Macartney wrote:
> Just trying out kdevelop (v3.5.3 on Ubuntu 8.04 w/ KDE4.1) and it
> doesn't do something I thought it would - when I compile and get an
> error:
> 35  int main()
> 36  {
> 37      int y = x; // x is not defined
> 38  }
> I get the following in the "Messages" pane:
> cd '/home/geoff/dev/test7/.' && LC_MESSAGES="C" LC_CTYPE="C" make -k 
> g++ tester.cpp
> tester.cpp: In function 'int main()':
> tester.cpp:37: error: 'x' was not declared in this scope
> make: *** [tester] Error 1
> *** Exited with status: 2 ***
> but nothing shows up in the "Problems" pane.

Thats to be expected. The "Problems" tab only shows syntactic errors in
the program, but the one above is a semantic. The "Problems" tabs is
only fed with the errors that kdevelop's own C++ parser finds, the error
messages from the buildtool are not put into it (as parsing those is a
lot of effort).

> I sort of expected I'd be
> able to double click on an compile error message and get taken to the
> appropriate point in the code. Is this not the case?

You should be able to click on the error in the "Messages" tab to jump
to the line. This doesn't always work, but should in most cases.


Try the Moo Shu Pork.  It is especially good today.

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