KDev4 Crashes when project loaded

Álan Crístoffer philippe.hac at gmail.com
Fri Dec 18 11:40:18 GMT 2009

There is a know problem with KDevelop4 crashing on startup that was said to
be a libc problem,
but I fount out that it only occurs when we have a project loaded. It never
crashes if you do not load
a project!

With things goes like this:

if loading with a project open in the session, it crashes little after
loading the project
if I close the project just before it crash, when I open it again it will
if I open it without a project and use it without project, it does not
if I open without a project, hide the projects panel (I using class panel to
navigate right now, and opening files through menu), open a file through
menu and open project for current file, it will play well as long as I don't
touch the projects panel.
if I do activate the projects panel, it will crash soon or later during a
background parsers (always during a background parse, but not necessarily in
the first time it occurs.)

so I willing if it's not a problem in communication between that panel and
the parser... or where libc comes in...
Álan Crístoffer e Sousa
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