KDev4 Crashes when project loaded

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Fri Dec 18 13:13:39 GMT 2009

On 18.12.09 09:40:18, Álan Crístoffer wrote:
> There is a know problem with KDevelop4 crashing on startup that was said to
> be a libc problem,
> but I fount out that it only occurs when we have a project loaded. It never
> crashes if you do not load
> a project!

Sure, because then there's not much multi-threading going on. The
libc-problem (with libc 2.10) is a race-condition inside of the
libc-memory-checking code thats used during malloc/free calls. As with many
race conditions this one is not always happening, sometimes you simply get
lucky by the order in which things are done. And this one only triggers in
heavily multi-threaded apps like kdevelop. One relatively easy test that
usually indicates you're seeing something else than the libc-crash is
running KDevelop in an environment where MALLOC_CHECK_=0 is set (note the _
after CHECK, that is intentional). Because then the relevant code in libc is
completely disabled, if you can still reproduce the crash with that
variable set, then it might be some other real error.


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