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Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Tue Jan 15 11:42:53 GMT 2008

On 15.01.08 10:52:37, Hector Gordon wrote:
> Hi List
>        I seem to have an input problem.
>        Doing my best to programme using Suse 10.2, kdev 3.5.5, C++ &
> Qt3.3.7I tried to get input from the keyboard using

You should update KDevelop to a more recent version, we provide Suse rpm
packages directly from the Download area on our website.

> cin with the usual -
>               char c=0;
>               cin >> c;
>               if (c== 'x')  ...etc.
>        The code compiles cleanly with no error messages or warnings. At
> runtime however there is no response.

No response?? cin won't give you any response, it'll just eat the next
input character.

That said, I suspect you run your application inside KDevelops
"Application" tab. The problem is that this tab is meant purely to
capture output from the app, its not meant to provide means of input
into the application. To do that go to the project options->Run Options
and enable the "start in external terminal" item. That will launch a
fully working external terminal (kde's konsole by default) into which
you can type your input.


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