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Hector Gordon hectoraigordon at
Tue Jan 15 10:52:37 GMT 2008

Hi List
       I seem to have an input problem.
       Doing my best to programme using Suse 10.2, kdev 3.5.5, C++ &
Qt3.3.7I tried to get input from the keyboard using
cin with the usual -

              char c=0;
              cin >> c;
              if (c== 'x')  ...etc.

       The code compiles cleanly with no error messages or warnings. At
runtime however there is no response. I have tried several variations but to
no avail, cout, on the other hand works well, though belatedly.
       I am likely to be doing something wrong of course, but can anybody
tell me what please?

        All the best      Ian
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